how to become a member?

1. Read, understand and abide by the values of Cyber One Family.  Our values define what Cyber One is and who its members are.  For anyone to become a member, he/she must uphold and demonstrate our Family values.

2. Spend quality time in our room and get to know the people, our ways of chatting, our language, our kind of fun, activities, our ways of chatting... and yes, don't forget to have fun!

3. Should you think you WANT to be one with us, accomplish our registration form and send to 

4. Upon notice, you will have to attend an orientation that will give you a fuller view of Cyber One Family and also give you a chance to clarify, confirm or assert ideas that you have in mind.

5. In due time, you will be issued your uniform - that is, if officers and members feel that you are ready to become a Family member, and a good role model for others too.

Alternatively, while in the process of getting to know Cyber One or waiting for your uniform, you can be actively involved in our room operation by joining our Cyber One Knights which, essentially is junior Cyber One.  

                                                                       HOPE WE ALL BECOME ONE

what is cyber one knight?

Cyber One Knight is an auxiliary team of Cyber One Family.  They are composed of regular friends of Cyber One who are oriented of our values and are recognized as collaborators of Cyber One in room operations. For further info, please ask Arsie, Seek, Deric or Chai.

is a cyber one legitimate organization?




1. Cyber One Family has its own set of values that we strictly observe and implement.  We have set our own standard of    

    language, morals and .... class. 

2. We host a balanced set of programming/activities including outreach to marginalized group of Philippine society, love 

    and relationship, wholesome entertainment, regular religious activities (Bible Study, 3'oclock Habit, Novena), counseling

    (upon request) and the likes.

3. Cyber One endeavors to uplift the image of Filipino chatting community by strictly observing values and feeding spiritual

    needs of people. 

What does cyber one family offer?



                Meeting New Friends                                     Games                                                Halayan   


                                                                     Awitan at Maraming Awitan


 and more importantly...


 in the net... and real life!