The "Cyber One Para Sa Mga Matatanda, Bata at Kalikasan Outreach" , a pioneering type of outreach done by Cyber One where three beneficiaries were incorporated into one event, was held on the 19th of April in Calamb, Laguna.  Elderly in Bahay Ni Maria, students of Calamba Bayside National High School were the human beneficiaries while part of the national highway fronting the Calamba City Hall was the site of the tree planting.  If L&L (lessons and laughter) were to be the measure of success, the last Outreach will surely be ranked amongst the best Cyber One has ever had.  

Patience and determination were among the virtues stretched to the thinnest by unforeseen challenges.   Many cliffhangers happened - particularly in foods.  Just as how Cyber One faces problems, the people involved in foods preparation turned those trials into triumphs.  Foods perished at the last minutes of preparation.  Many in the same situation would probably have cracked.  But proudly, our 'kapatidz' who handled the foods never buckled down.  At past midnight, in their last ditch effort to replace the spoiled foods, they approached a closed store  and requested the owner to open it for them.  A great sense of responsibility, commitment and determination exemplified like no other. Thanks to Galamgam family - all of them for giving it their all... probably even more.  To those who worked in foods preparation - Joycie, Lotto, Frog, Gek, Utoy, Cups, Cleng, Don Vida & Dona Mena, Manet & lovadoods, and to Carmi who kept them awake, maraming salamat po. To thirty one whose feet never got tired for errands, likewise.

We would not have had any item to give away without the hard work of our purchasing team - Don Vida, Joycie, Lotto, Frog,  Gek & Marco.  Procurement of items, perishable & non-perishable alike, have been generally orderly and systematic.  Thanks too to the good planning and execution of all concerned.

Thanks too to Hanah, assisted by her mom Charm, who repacked the school supplies given to the students.  To our kapatidz in attendance - Ranel, Ross, Strum, Jade, Mine; to our frenz whose cooperation is simply awesome - Miss Toyang (thanks sa masarap na pansit) and Chix, SP (thanks sa sibuyas), Meow and Fly, Almond, Jess, Bonj, Meshi; to our partner group - Alay Ko Sa Iyo, Inc. represented by Tol Igop and Tol Red and to their lovely President Meme.  To keso whose phenomenal brain cooked up a 3-in-1 outreach... to peewee... james... sky... frank... your zest to help reverberated across the seas...

I cannot thank enough the officers in Calamba City Hall who have responded so quickly on our requests, and acted promptly to facilitate our tree planting activity.  Our sincere appreciation to Mayor Chipeco of Calamba, to Bombet, Julian, Nick, Manolo and to the staff of DENR, Highway Patrol... thanks very much.

We are equally indebted to the administration of Calamba Bayside National High School particularly Mr. Lindo for his cooperation as well as the teachers and the students.   People like you inspire people like us to keep our passion to reach out going and growing.  Thank you.

The backbone of every outreach, our members and frenz who share the same passion for compassion - all of you who has thrown your support in various form, thank you so much for helping us help people.  May you all be blessed many times fold for your generosity and act of charity.  To Brgy. Capt. Rizalina Espineli of Brgy. 792 Zone 86, Sta. Ana, Manila who has not seen us yet but poured in her share of help, salamat po. 

To our beneficiaries - the lolas and their caregivers, the nuns; to the students & teachers, to the local government officers who helped, thanks for injecting unto our minds potent serum of inspiration to go on.

That was the outreach painted a la caricature.  Moments with lolas are left to your imagination, for I am not too verbose to describe the mystique hidden in their aged faces nor am i too astute to comprehend the varying feelings the lolas and us felt during our moments together.   Two things I am certain though: we have added meaning to their lives... just our touch, just our ears that listened...surely have given them more reason to still wait for the next light of day to lay on them ; and for us, I believe that "window to 'a' future" has given us a better sense of self value and broadened our love of people - our own families, friends and even strangers who will come to cross our lives.  

I could not end this without giving special credit and appreciation to the Project Manager - marco_cyber_one, whose patience, grit in follow up, leadership and superb human relations facilitated putting many things together into right places at the right time.  To the present leadership of Cyber One Family led by our current President - seek_cyber_one, quote, kreezy, sprite, frank, iya, milet, and the rest of the Family;  to all those who supported the project - our sponsors (http://cyber-one-family.webs.com/volunteersupport.htm) whose only constraint from joining us is distance, MARAMING SALAMAT PO.   

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