Be it known throughout the ages and generations to come the glorious days of the Filipino as a race in the dying days of February 1986 (Feb 22 - 25) when Filipinos liberated themselves from the bondage of Martial rule.  It was that time in history when our race stood out from the rest of the peoples of the world... when we were looked up to by people from
East to West... North to South - all in awe for the spirit that united us as one people to topple a tyrant. Armed with virtually nothing but faith and prayers, Filipinos rallied to say "enough"  to a regime which did not only corrupt the coffers of the country but also caused the prostitutionalization of our culture. 

 If we ask our grandparents what the word delicadeza means, I am sure they can reply us without spending a second.  That is because that word is a part of what their generation was.  Makabayan, prinsipiyo, hiya, amor propio - too are the words that they surely can relate and give lecture on. 

26 years after EDSA I, do we still remember the momentous date?... the significance?  Have we absorbed the essence of unity displayed those days to promote our interdependence?  Have we instilled in our hearts that unbelievable miracle of faith and prayer?

26 years after the historic year of 1986, can we talk about the same words that our grandparents could talk about?... or can we talk more extensively about the opposite?  When during the times of our grandparents, anyone caught stealing would be ready to commit suicide out of the disgrace... now our present culture condones stealing especially those of enormous loots.  When during the times of our grandparents they shy away from gifts and pasalubongs... in our generation, the opposite are aplenty.  And our grandparents have a word for that - timawa.

26 years after our emancipation from Marcos rule, have we found real liberation?  Have we freed ourselves from the corrupted dog-like culture ... or have we regressed further?



 Ninoy Aquino was shot dead at the tarmac in NAIA (then called Manila International Airport).  His death triggered the tsunami of sentiment that inspired the Filipino people to pull the plug of Marcos era... as uttered by then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile "Enough, Mr. President, your time is up."

  Upon call of then Jaime Cardinal Sin, people fearlessly went out of the comfort of their homes and barricaded EDSA.  Nevermind the guns... the tanks... people realized that freedom is more important than life.

 In no time... deluge of people... freedom loving people.


 Then EDSA was flooded with souls who wanted to restore freedom and justice for themselves and for the generations to come... that we may live freely...


 SHARING... no one is alien to none.  Multitude of people ate.  Food given by people many of them did not know.  They displayed an epitome of equality - no one is rich, no one is poor.  All they knew was they were all Filipinos and fighting for a common cause - freedom.

 To all the heroes of EDSA I, seen and unseen, known and unknown, and to God who showed His way of freedom through peaceful means... MARAMING SALAMAT PO!


chai's entry at pinoy idol



Flip splash



Fallen Is the lid you? Ga corn is the pimples on your cheeks?

If this is not your face, you chaddik!


  Pag sinabi ng GF mo yan, leave her one, she is red.


When the GF nagba blush, give the Dulcolax constipated sya.



Ganito view ni Briggs, tagus through. Peace Briggs hehe.



Girl or guess what? To be sure, always look at the "bottom line"



When kahalay in the dark, probably ugly!


Remember, most chatters are like fishermen. Aakitin you until you masima.


Horses are not just tied to the head.



Not turned in origin, dizzy


Do not dream of the open, lest you fall asleep awake



All said the cockroach hunk ?.... why?

Because all women tinitilian



Go do me, I am not a book!



Abraham Lincoln: Give me liberty or give me death.

gekraf_cyber_one: FOOD or PAGKAIN



You dont have bf? Massage lightly with the hand you all of the lamp ... Alladin's fate was probably you.



Meet Cyber Glory.  In Asian Hospital so it big? 



Before you catch the boss, feed your pet first!

chat lesson 101 - by prof. chai d banana


1. Sabi ng kakanta... "pa try lang ha"  - actually sawa na ang videoke sa kakakanta nya nong song nayon.  Pauna lang yon kung sakaling mawindang ang tono o tumilaok siyang parang manok.

2. Sabi ng view mo... "ang init" - ang totoo gusto nya mag show

3. Pag tinanong ka... "mabait ka ba?" - hihingi yon ng load

4. Pag sinabihan kang... "ang cute ng nose mo, parang si Pinocchio"... hindi ibig sabihin non matangos ang ilong mo.  May karugtong yon.... parang si Pinocchio nung di pa nalililok

5. Pag may nagtanong... "may tattoo ka ba?"... hmmm... want nya mag view, off mo na cam mo 

6. Pag ang single na madalas kumanta nasa 20's - nagpapa charming yon;  pag nasa  30's - kinakabahan na yon, pag nasa 40's suicidal na yon, pag nasa 50's .... naman.. halayin mo na baka mamaalam ng walang na experience yon

7. Pag ang may asawang madalas kumanta ay nasa 20's - nagpapatulog ng anak yon; pag nasa 30's may namimiss yon;  pag nasa 40's malayo asawa non; pag nasa 50's binawian na yon

 8. Nag BRB ba? Hala... pag biglang nawala sa room at di nakabalik agad... naisako na yon!


 Mas Bulok:

1.  NASL/ASL - pag may nagtanong ng ganyan, bigyan mo na lang ng tiki tiki, nanay ang hanap nyan.


Note: Contents are intended for fun only.  Bato bato sa langit, tamaan pangit jokes!