luke 12:32  "do not fear,  little flock, for it is your father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom"









Our vision is a harmonious, uplifting and socially relevant chatting family; our wish is we all become home to one another; our prayer is we become one for human welfare and advancement.


                                      Family, Faith, Fun, People/Character, Society

HONESTY & TRANSPARENCYbe yourself, you don't need to be another person

WHOLESOME FUN & ENTERTAINMENT tasteful jokes & words only, songs & games

FAMILY & BROTHERHOODfamily is our reason for living, brothers & sisters our joy

FRIENDSHIP & RELATIONSHIPSclose bonding that could transcend time and weather trials

TRUST & TRUSTWORTHINESS trust links us but trustworthiness defines a member

PEOPLE & SOCIETY we don't categorize people, each is a part of the society we are responsible to

RESPECT & SELF ESTEEM respect is indispensable; celebrate what others have, no crab mentality

BEARING & UNDERSTANDINGpeople imperfections are opportunities; understand and reach out

CULTURE & MORALITY we become what we usually do;  Cyber One seeks more civility & responsibility

FAITH - Cyber One Family is a "little flock" of God in the net.  Though we falter at times, Cyberians do believe and live to the best they can the teachings of God.  We do not distinguish people by their religious affiliations but instead respect religion-specific beliefs, traditions, doctrines.  We focus on our commonalities in faith not on our diversities IN belief.  



Chatting is a tool for human interaction & unity, a platform for growth & development, and a staging point for social outreach & people dynamics

a decade of family-hood in the net and beyond...

To all members and friends who share the same vision, values and advocacy... thank  you for sharing your lives and passion with Cyber One Family.  Thank you for joining the journey.  2-gether we made things happen.  More years of togetherness... more destinations to go to... more people to reach out to... more love and laughter to share.  God bless you all.  God bless Cyber One Family! 


children in our hearts 6, sanchez mira, cagayan valley -  december 27-28, 2015


outreach in pictures...    

  To: Tokitok Elementary School teachers, students and their parents... local officials... religious sector... Prayer City Troops of California... Padirayon family, our host.... and all those who supported this project...



2-gether, we can make things happen

CHILDREN IN OUR HEARTS 5, bacolod city


- DECEMBER 27TH- 29TH, 2013 -

- BACOLOD CITY -      



Bahay Pag-asa Youth Center, University of Saint La Salle 

 Bacolod City, Philippines

Project Directors: Girlie, Rick

Project Manager: Bel

Assistant Project Managers: Cleve/Sassy




Above left is the Entrance of Bahay Pagasa.  It is a gateway to thinigs you can see, you can feel, you can imagine, you can disbelieve, you can learn from.... a place you can recoup yourself and rekindle the energy you might have spent in the rocky part of the road of life.  Above right are some of the clothes from Robert, Emily, Kelly & Tim.  Thanks to them for their help..  Below Right ... salamat kay Ate Janet at Kuya Ric sa kahong hitik na hitik. Happy si Sir Nardz sa mga school supplies ni Kuya Ric kasi marami ng magagamit ang mga students nya.  



 Above left, children line up to be given clothes from US and Hong Kong.  Let me just tell those who gave clothes that the value of your garments are hundred times more than its brand new costs for these children who have none.  They may not be able to repay but Im sure the joy and thankfulness they have will move heavens to bless you many times over. 

Above right is Miss Jen, the Director of Bahay Pag-asa.  I dunno where she gets energy building dreams out of broken lives.  Below is the hallway in the children's quarters.  Wont say a word... just feel it.  

The Big Day has come - annual Family Day!  This is the day when families are allowed to visit the kids.  Just once a year to be with them.  Just once a year to be hugged.  Yet.... yet there are those who just hug each other... those whose families are either hindered by circumstances or simply just turned their backs on them.             


Those who have families with them shared it to those whose families are restrained by distance or simply refused to come. Family is normally a fertile ground for human growth.  Sadly there are families who become breeding grounds for juvenile aberrations and  children's moral decay.

 Thanks to Ate Cleve and Kuya Giels sa masarap na lechon at masaganang pananghalian.  The one chopping the roast pig has completed cooking course and is in need of help for an advanced course to have an employment chance in a vessel. 

                                                                                                                                                                                 The hardest part is knowing that you will be left behind again... But for most of the boys, the hope of becoming better persons in the future alleviates the pain.  In them we can learn sacrifice and hope.... above all - CHANGE 



 While others pray so hard to have a child.... others have the soul to leave their babies in plastic bags.  Holy Infant takes care of these babies and help them find "parents" .  Bacolod they say is "City of Smiles"... I found the sweetest in the babies and toddlers and children.     

Thanks to Lola Kitty Meow Meow and Lolo Ric for the clothes and toys. Thanks to Daddies and Mommies in Cyber One Family & Frenz. Hope you give me a hug too next time.  


This is the St. Vincent Home for the Elderely.  They take care of abandoned lolos and lolas who probably have not known how is it to live like human. Salamat kay Apongs Edith at Del sa bigas. Pagpalain ka.    


Broken star represents broken lives of women and children hidden behind the cold walls... everyone trudging in the dark but hopeful to find a new life...

 Nestled at the end of a feeder road in a mountain is a sanctuary for women and girls battered by human monsters.  It is just heart warming to know that government provides them with safe haven and protection from fiendish elements that prey on the weak like them.



Angeles District Jail, Angeles City, Philippines

May 24th, 2013 

 2-gether we can make things happen!



(NOTE: Other pictures are too graphic to be posted)



(For some reasons, ladies requested to delete pictures while eating. I just heard one lady said, those pics are defamatory or scandalous at best. Your guess is as good as mine lol.  Instead, we just posted pic of all of us below.) 



(We held a singing contest where each cell was represented by 2 singers - one to sing normally, the other to do a doble cara.   The program was commenced with an opening prayer from both a Christian and a Muslim Imam. What a lovely world indeed if love of neighbor reigns, and peace and unity fill the air.) 


....and the winners are...        


Paalis na kami... pahupa na ang saya...

pumalit ay lungkot ngunit may pagasa..

na sana sa muli makita at makapiling ka



dinner na... sobrang pagod pero higit ang ligaya..



AY.. ano yan madam pia?


lenten outreach 2013 - march 26th, tanay rizal

we thought we faltered... but God made it a HOMERUN!

<<<<<== Pia, Loka, Chai, Hug & Bonj... waiting for the rest at the Parking Lot of Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.  When asked why Pia chose a jeep, a 14 seater jeep, she vehemently answered that she was just avoiding a repeat of Gatekeeper's fateful wheel na sumabog nung umangkas sya.   And with Bonj around... yes we better take a jeepney ride LOL    











<<<<<<<<<====== pati si JC cyber one (son of cups and cleng cyber one) tumutulong mag ayos ng ipamimigay............ thanks to bel cyber one for the vitamins and medicines.... thanks for those who made this Lenten Outreach possible... to those who joined, to those who supported, but most of all to God who showed us the way!  Thanks too to the people that we reached out to.  They received a little compared to the value of lessons we learned from them.


 It all started with a few children.  Some of us thought it would just be a picnic up a hill under a mango tree.  >>>>>>>>>>>

Then God brought us multitude!







<<<<<<<<<<<< A sudden change of atmosphere from gloom to glow!  Throngs of people came and we thought we were in trouble.  We prepared only for 30.... but just as Jesus fed the crowd with a few loaves of bread and fish, we were able to give to more people than we planned and expected.  Indeed when God works, we all will just be left in awe how things happen! 







 Ang dami nila!  We were not able to give them all goods...>>>> but you know what?  We were able to fill their hearts with joy!  And they filled ours too!  Those who did not get any item at all, believe it or not, THANKED US FOR THE GOODS THAT WE GAVE TO THEIR MATES!  Shame on me for not having as thankful a heart as theirs!  And shame on us who feel envious of others' blessings and achievements! Shame on people who only know their own wants, benefits and welfare! 

 These people have less in life... but certainly have more in spirit!

Under the heat of the summer sun, Cyber One Family members and frenz reached out to our marginalized brothers and sisters up the mountains of Tanay, Rizal.   If you only know the happiness we felt and the fun we shared, you surely would not want to miss being with us next time!


Sis EFR (handing out goods in left photo) and Jerome (giving goodies in pic above) must have felt the joy of bringing smiles to these children.   






 In the river... before we had "Butandings"... now we have "SHOKOYS & SHOKAYS" ! with special participation of "balyenang buntis" >>>>>>>>>

 Below: Pia, Charm and Hugkiss












Mga tinanggihan ng Viva Films >>>>>>>>>> 

(pero nirerectuit ng Universal Studios...)







- h3to k4mi l4st y34r -

st. joseph parish outreach, tondo, manila

 Cyber One Family Reloaded went here in December of 2011.   Not only did we host Christmas Party mostly for children, we also conducted parenting for parents.  We had breakout groups for parents and our seniors talked with them aiming to give them an alternative way of parenting for their kids.  In that parent to parent talk, we learned that many parents are not ready for their roles as guardians and molders of their offspring.  Revealed too is a caveat to Dr. Jose Rizal's famous line "Ang kabataan ang pagasa ng bayan."..... that is, if parents will raise them to be so.


 Attached with the children, and with the warm reception of Father Adong of St. Joseph Parish, Cyber One Family went back in April of 2012, this time exclusively for needy children.  We had feeding and fun and goodies for the children whose warm smile and boisterous laughter made that hot afternoon even hotter.





  Cyber One Family and Frenz prepared bowls of chicken congee (lugaw with chicken) and eggs, hundreds of them, and gave to our homeless countrymen sleeping in the sidewalks of the streets in Malate Manila and Roxas Blvd.  Thanks for those who helped us lessen the number of hungry Filipinos who would have slept with empty stomachs that night.  Let me tell you their thankfulness were endless.  Some pics are posted with hope that more people will be inspired to help lessen the count of hungry Filipinos even just for a day.  Be blessed! 



 Alam mo ba kung magkano ang isang bowl ng lugaw with egg?  P13.35 lang.  Sa ganyang halaga, isang taong gutom ang mababawas sa sandamakmak na mga kababayan nating matutulog ng kumakalam ang mga sikmura... lalo na ang mga bata.  Join ka na. 












Yan ang mga lugaw girls ng Cyber One.  Si Frog, si Charm, si Pia (Pia hindi para sayo ang mga yan.) at si Cleng.  Hindi sila mga kandidato.  Hindi nila kailangan ng boto.  Kaligayahan lang nila ang makatulong sa tao.  Sa susunod baka gusto mong sumama... baka gusto mong magpakain... magpasaya.  Ito lang masasabi ko: sa pagtulong marami kang aral na makukuha; doon mo din madarama ang kakaibang ligaya.  Simpleng ngiti ng nabusog mong bata, payak na "salamat" ng isang palaboy na matanda... yun ang kapalit ng kawanggawa.  If you wanna participate, just email Chai at:  


R.E.H.A.S. (I)

Cyber One Family and Frenz went to Angeles District Jail in Bgy. Sto. Domingo, Angeles City, Pampanga on the 27th of December 2012 to reach out to our brethren behind bars.  We reached out to give, but surprisingly, we were given more .  We decided to go there without any clear reason in mind, we left them with compelling reasons to go back.  This Holy Week (last week of March 2013), we will go there no longer by chance... but by CHOICE!

The outreach started with praise and worship and reading of the Word.  Inmates, men and ladies joined at the basketball court.  Just a guide: those in orange t-shirts belong to Cyber One Family, those in yellow are inmates, those in white are "mayores", others are performers wearing their group uniforms.

Yan sila kuya, ang mga super chefs nila.  I can't imagine     /  Heto naman ang aming special gift, si JC.  Maraming inmates

cooking for around 1,700 inmates? Yan niluluto nila ang      / ang natuwa sa kanya napakalisto kasi.  Ayan, kumpleto  ang

ulam for lunch. In fairness, napakasarap ng luto nila!           / pamasko ng Cyber One sa kanila... may bata kasi  


 (Above L-R) We had choral singing competition, above.                  /   Below are the judges.  Contestants blew them

 Simply amazing how they organized themselves con todo props.     /  away.  All smiling as if saying, can we just do 

 Top right are the winners in men's & ladies' categories.                   / another task?  Mga napasubo, hirap pala mag judge

Among the best vocals we've heard.  

            Now serving hot meal.  Inmates queued up for lunch.  / Above, Pia helped serve sopas.

Do you know that the most sought after thing inside is "dalaw" (visit) by relatives and friends?  Many of them are like totally forsaken and forgotten.  So in the above pics, you will see (from L-R) Pres. Frog talking with empathy with a "mayor", Chinito having light moments with 2 "Ate", and Mahusay belting out a Journey classic "Faithfully" with an instant ecstatic fan.

 Above photo shows the "Sharing Session" that we organized / Above is Chiqui having moments with mga Ate.

 where spiritual and emotional guidance were given.              / ... his heart obviously melting...

Cyber One Family and Frenz singing Cyber One Anthem.  Others are somewhere around doing their tasks.   

Above right are the winners in the dance contest. Their awards are the t-shirts that came from a kind hearted C1 fren from Davao.  To the donor, if you see them happy in the pic, let me tell you they're ineffably thankful and happier in person.  Above right, gifts are being distributed. Below L, boxes of soap and medicines were distributed to individual cells thru their mayores.  Below M.  Happy si Kuya! Below R. Tindahan nila Kuya.  Kita mo si Lolo? 89 y.o. 

Above, a surprise plaque of appreciation from Major Rebecca Tiguelo.  Kuya Ric and myself gladly received it because we know that you our kapamilya & frenz, sponsors, co-advocates fittingly deserve it with your act of benevolence and passion to help.  To all of you who joined us in this project, giving your prayers, shared your blessings, time, talents & effort,



(NOTES: 1. Cyber One Family and Frenz will have a follow up outreach on March 25th.  Those who want to join/support/participate, please email: or inquire at (63)09277090270.  2.Due to in-jail limitations on pictures and videos, we can only post a few inmates' pics here.  Let me proudly inform you though that the facility is spic and span from entrance to comfort rooms.  Hats off to jail officers - Neil & Rebecca.)

 more pictures at:


 To all those who helped in the last outreach of Cyber One Family Reloaded, Inc. on December 27, 2012  to our sponsors &  contributors, to our beneficiaries who made our outreach really meaningful, to officers and team of BJMP especially to Major Reb Tiguelo and Mitch and Julius...  to those who prayed for us, to our beloved friends who have been with us along the way supporting in every way they can... to all who attended... and especially to God who lead us in every step and turn ...



Donations may be sent directly to our Treasurer through:

- Western Union

  Receiver: KATHY PENA

  Address: Malate, Manila

  Telephone No.:  (63) 9178210880 / (63) 9206324986


  BPI Family Savings Bank Account #6836068953
  Branch: Commonwealth Ave, Diliman, Quezon City

 H E L P    U S   H E L P    P E O P L E   ...  T H A N K      Y O U !

a source of inspiration, example of leadership, a reason to never quit, a beautiful heart

vox populi



  With the abandoned & sick elderly, and orphaned & abused innocent children taking the core of Cyber One's heart, together we were able to turn our common passion for people into life.  These videos are stories of love and drama. They  epitomize selfless dedication and pursuit for a higher height of human substance and chatting standard, an attestation of Cyber One's philosophy that 2-gether, we can make good things happen.

 Be a part of the next story!

Carve an inspiring memory in the minds of the kids - one that will fuel them in their continuing struggle in life.             

Etch sweet remembrance on the elderly - one that brings calm end to their closing journey filled with misery and strife.


  Note: The second video is in its raw form and subject to final editing.  We thank Shredric for proactively coming up with this video and Seeker for technical assistance enabling us to bring this obra into the site.  Be a part of the next one.    Thank you.


Alone?.... Sick?....Unloved?....Lost?....Falling?....



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